Of the many comments made about Mr. Haig’s abilities, a judge remarked:

“Mr. Haig is a seasoned criminal law practitioner who is held in high regard in the legal community. With over 20 years of litigation experience in the criminal courts, Mr. Haig possesses the highest standards of professional ability, legal experience and work ethic. His tireless commitment to excellence has earned him the respect of a large number of public and private lawyers, as well as many bench officers throughout the County of Los Angeles, including this reviewer.”

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Lawyers have equally sung his praises:
“I have appeared in court with him many times. Excellent Lawyer. Above reproach.”

“Jerome is one of the best criminal defense attorneys in LA. He is a tireless advocate for his clients and his winning track record speaks for itself.”

“Mr. Haig is one of the best attorneys for criminal defense. He is especially experienced in handling serious felony matters. I trust his knowledge, experience, judgment and lawyering abilities. I credit him as a mentor of mine, and I have tremendous respect for him as a lawyer and as a person.”

“I have known Jerome since I became a lawyer 13 years ago. I consider him a mentor because he is a fantastic defense attorney for serious cases and he generously gives his advice and time. He helped me out of a lot of jams and I have a tremendous amount of respect for how good a lawyer he is. I’m glad he is on his own now, because he is one of the best. As an Alternate Public Defender for many years, he fought and won incredibly serious cases that most private attorneys don’t experience. You can’t find private attorneys with that kind of experience. Now, he has the time and resources he didn’t have at the PD’s office. That is a great combination for anyone who is smart enough to hire him in a serious case.”

“I endorse this lawyer. I have known Jerome Haig for over 24 years. He is intelligent, extremely thorough, and always prepared. He has an excellent demeanor that makes him well liked by all, whether they are Judge, Jury, Prosecutor or Client.”

“The future is not a gift. It is an achievement.”

Robert F. Kennedy